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Short post...

Today was a sort of productive day. I say sort of because there's only so much I can do since I'm not back in school that doesn't involve icon or other graphic making. I was able to get some reading that my dad wants to do and folded some laundry. I also cleaned out some more of my computer, mainly my iTunes. I still have over 8,000 songs but it's a little bit better because I used to have over 9,000. In the midst of my cleaning iTunes I discovered that I have the song The Day the world went away by Nine Inch Nails. It's the song that they played during the trailers when Watchmen first came out in theaters. I love love this song so so much. If you haven't heard it, you should I think it's amazing. I love the instruments, the tone and Trent's voice. And yes I am a Nine Inch Nails fan since I bought the first Tomb Raider band soundtrack and they can probably almost not do anything wrong in my books. I haven't actually listened to everything that's been made by the band so I can't say if they have any bad songs or not. Anyway I have to get going, I'm going to see A Perfect Getaway tonight. I may make a post about it either tonight or sometime tomorrow. If I do though I'll cut it to avoid spoilers for anyone on here.

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