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River's World

Journey through the randomness

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My name is River and I'm a 20 something year old college student. I say 20 something because I'm probably going to forget to change my age so it's easier for me just to say 20 something. As I'm posting this, I'm 20 years old, once it's past March 6th, I'm going to be 21 and so on at every March 6th that passes by.

Originally I created this journal to post download links to fan videos which I made. Since I stopped making videos, I decided to switch this journal over to posting whatever I want. This ranges from personal things (though they're not that personal otherwise I wouldn't be posting them online) to favorite movie, favorite TV show, etc. I posted these both in my interests and a post which I created for my fandoms. The fandom post is here. Both my interests and fandoms are being constantly updated.